Executive Summary

 Executive Summary 2014


Service Area and Overview


Idaho Behavioral Health (IBH), was incorporated in July 2008 and opened doors in 2009, serves Ada, Canyon, Elmore, and Gem counties in Idaho.  This area has a wide diversity of industries and businesses.  The area continues to experience a tremendous influx of new businesses and technological industries with much of the growth occurring along the I-84 corridor.  Our catchment area includes several of the most rapidly growing municipalities in Idaho. Our defined catchment area has an estimated population of 658,000 and covers 5,200 square miles (based on 2012 census projections).  Nearly 41% of the total Idaho population lives in the Boise Metropolitan area.  This is the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest.

Idaho Behavioral Health’s mission is to provide quality mental health services and support the recovery of people with mental illness.

Idaho Behavioral Health has a history of leadership in providing innovative and consumer driven community mental health programs.  In 2010, we were among the first community mental health centers in the state to begin using a fully integrated electronic health record system.  That same year, IBH was among the first to provide telehealth psychiatric medication management services for rural areas of Idaho.  We were pioneers collaborating with the Department of Health & Welfare Child Protective services and Treatment Foster Care services having provided wrap-around mental health services or provide on-call after hour crisis response.  In the past, we have partnered with residential community treatment centers to provide psychotherapy, testing, and medication management for youth and provide consultation on behavioral approaches for Head Start program.


The chart on the following page demonstrates the rapid growth Idaho Behavioral Health has experienced since beginning in 2009.  The number of services and staff has grown exponentially in the three years.  In the beginning, IBH provided three (3) services (Psychotherapy, PSR, Case Management) compared to ten (10) services provided in 2014: Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Medication Management, CBRS, Case Management for Adults & Children, Psychological Testing, Telehealth, On-call Child Protection Crisis Response services, MultiCultural Services, Representative Payee Services, and Peer Support Services.


Person Served 1





Person Served second




Person Served 3





Contacts by Race:              African American 18              Asian American 2              Bosnian 31              Arabic 19               Uzbek 9            Hispanic 291            Russian 13            White 861           Native Hawaiian 0

by Gender                              Female 661                                   Male 588
by Age                                     18 and Under 687                       Over 18 562



Person served 4

Clinic Service Programs

Serving the seriously mentally ill continues to be a top priority of Idaho Behavioral Health. Outpatient clinical services for adults and children include individual or family psychotherapy, psychiatric medication management, psychological testing, telehealth services, and community integration services includes Community Based Rehabilitation Services and Case Management, Peer Support Services, as well as representative payee services. Clinic services are provided at four locations: Boise, Mountain Home, Caldwell, and Emmett.
IBH provides Crisis services 24/7 for persons served in our mental health clinics. Idaho Behavioral Health has partnered with Child Welfare to provide on-call after hour Crisis Response for Child Protection in Regions III and IV.

Cognitive Self-Change groups began in fall 2012 and continued primarily in our Emmett location up through end of 2013. This program allows court ordered individuals to receive counseling in a group approach for behaviors attributed to their criminal charges. In addition, we had provided mental health services for a residential treatment center up until the fall of 2013.

Children, Adolescents and their Families
IBH provides mental health programs that are non-stigmatizing and easily accessible to children and their families in the local community. Our goal is to identify and intervene at early points in emotional disturbances and assist parents, teachers, and other stakeholders in developing comprehensive strategies for resolving these disturbances. Services are provided in our out-patient clinics and other community settings. Our clinics provide emergency services, assessment and referral, psychiatric assessment and individual or family therapies.


Operational Structure/Information Management

Idaho Behavioral Health has an organizational chart that provides clear lines of supervision and responsibility. IBH has four clinical service divisions for adults, adolescents, and children; Mental Health Clinic Services, Community Based Rehabilitation Services, Case Management, and Peer Support Services. Each service division is attached to a specific office location / area. Each service division has a program manager who is responsible for the overall operation of his/her clinical area. Program managers report directly to the Chief Clinical Officer (CCO). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President, the Chief Operations Officer (COO) round out the rest of the management team with the COO & CCO reporting directly to the CEO & President.
Input from Persons Served, Stakeholders and Personnel

Idaho Behavioral Health uses a variety of mechanisms to make sure that our programs and services are in line with the expectations of persons served, stakeholders and personnel.

Persons Served
Ø Suggestion boxes conveniently placed at all program locations, with pre-printed forms
Ø Post-discharge telephone surveys implemented late fall 2012
Ø Bi-annual agency wide consumer satisfaction surveys
Ø Periodic review of complaints/client rights allegations
Ø Public webpage with a link for comments and questions
Ø Specific staff members are assigned as liaisons for identified stakeholders and other community committees or taskforces, findings are reported in the Management meetings.
Ø Annual review of all job position descriptions
Ø Semi-Annual staff surveys
Ø Review of grievances

Access to Care

To serve the growing population, the IBH has four full-time Mental Health Clinics in Boise, Mountain Home, Caldwell, and Emmett. These clinics provide the hub of our service delivery system as most consumers access our services through these locations. Screening and initial clinical assessment of children and adults takes place at these locations.

There is a structured screening process to assure the applicant’s needs are within the scope of our mission and that resources exist for the organization to meet the needs of the persons seeking services. Those not accepted for services receive referrals to appropriate service providers. The screening process is reviewed annually for effectiveness and as a means of identifying community needs. Last year the most prevalent referrals were for family/marital counseling, psychological testing, and services for children. Many of those needs are now being met by the expanded programs at IBH.