Psychiatric Medication Management

At Idaho Behavioral Health our commitment is to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health services including Psychiatric Medication Management. Our physicians provide mental health consultation, psychiatric medication management and health care education.

TeleHealth Services for Rural Areas

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of mental health care services through a secured internet connection.  Through the Telehealth system our physicians are able to provide mental health consultation, treatment, medication management and health care education using interactive audio and video communication technology.  This allows persons living in rural areas to receive mental health services in a local office instead of having to travel to another location or city.  The initial appointment must be face-to-face with the physician, but after that appointments can be conducted using Telehealth technology.


What are the benefits of Telehealth?

The patient can have access to mental health care and physician services in the convenience of their own community.  Transportation issues and lack of follow through due to difficult and timely travel are no longer a problem.   For those patients living in rural areas, the use of Telehealth services allows them to access physician services in a convenient and secure manner.